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With my help, you can add audio and video translation services to your repertoire. This enables you to satisfy the growing demand for audio and video translations, and continue to meet your client’s evolving business needs. I’ll help re-working videos for the use in Germany, other countries and solve the challenges you face in communicating using video and sound.

Being a voiceover myself I can provide my voice for your project or find matching voice artists and voice actors amongst my colleagues. As trained producer I have the technical expertise required for synchronisations, dubbing or adding subtitles and captions. I also have partners who can do the translation of the script for you. I make sure your client’s message looks good and sounds great. I can work with video and all types of animation, working with a range of applications such as Adobe After Effects, Premiere, Samplitude and many more.

I do offers the following services:


voiceover, synchronisations, dubbing or adding subtitles and captions...

video translation service offered by robert braun


translations for audio projects like radio commercials or podcasts ...

audio translation service offered by robert braun


I'll help you find the matching voice to your original native voiceover ...

Finding the right voiceover - Robert Braun

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